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Whether it be classroom nature or nature in the classroom: The Austrian National Parks’ educational programmes raise awareness of nature conservation and communicate appreciation of our natural heritage. Several National Park partner schools are already frequently participating in the schools programmes and the number is constantly growing.

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Walking across country or riding a boat through wild water: as an open-air classroom the Austrian National Parks have genuine potential for adventures. Conducting joint explorations with a spotting scope and microscope inspires a spirit of research and an interest in habitats, flora and fauna. The offer of being accompanied by certified National Park Rangers ranges from half-day excursions to several-day experiences, programmes and tours. Bookings can be made through the education and visitor service of each National Park.

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Project Experiences over Days/Weeks

Individually-designed project experiences that last days or weeks provide the opportunity to intensively experience domestic protected areas while living in accommodation close to nature (such as mountain lodges, wilderness camps or National Park partner operations). The programmes are accompanied by rangers and developed in consultation with teaching staff. The education and visitor services of the National Parks will be happy to provide advice and are available for any related queries.

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National Park Centres

National park centres and many other visitor attractions invite you to get to know the flora and fauna of the local protected areas in a comprehensive and at the same time easily accessible way. In addition to numerous exciting exhibitions, National Park cinemas, workshops, research sites and open-air areas are waiting to be discovered.

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Rangers in the Classroom

National Park rangers bring nature into the classroom and, using experiments and clear examples, provide opportunity for playful and sustainable learning. The National Parks’ education and visitor services provide information on potential key issues and booking options.

Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union.

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