Bird flight in the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park.
(c)Sebastian Freiler
People hiking at a rock in the mountains
(c)M. Steinthaler
A warm welcome

Providing time and space
for nature

From the steppe lake to high mountains, from forest wilderness to floodplains, from raging rivers to gentle valleys: as internationally recognised protected areas, the six Austrian National Parks safeguard landscapes of wild beauty and rich biodiversity – making sure that the natural wonders are still here for us to encounter tomorrow.

A river with trees in the fog
(c)D. Manhart
A big cliff and many stones
(c)Sebastian Hoehn

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A river with trees and mountains
(c)Andreas Hollinger

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A deer by the river
Lots of trees in the forest
(c)Erich Mayrhofer

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A lake with plants in the water
(c)AL Archiv NP Neusiedler See