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Media Scholarship 2023

As internationally recognised protected areas, the six Austrian national parks are among the most ecologically valuable natural spaces in our country. Nature conservation and species preservation enjoy top priority here. Trees are allowed to grow old. Rivers can forge their own path and nature can be all nature.

In 2023, Nationalparks Austria is looking for creative talents for the ninth time who would like to deal with our natural heritage in a creative and very personal way in the fields of photography, film or literature.

This year we want to devote ourselves entirely to the topic of "networking". This plays an important role in the work of the Austrian national parks in many areas. Board, lodging and on-site supervision will be provided for a fortnight. What you need is a sense of adventure, enough time and a creative idea! You can find more information in this year's call for applications, our homepage or at office@nationalparksaustria.at.

The media scholarship holders will be announced in April 2023!


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A large number of creative contributions have been collected in recent years through the media scholarship. Through their works, the scholarship holders stimulate reflection and invite a sometimes somewhat different view of our natural heritage.

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