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Two geese and chicks in the meadow
(c)Hannah Assil
A ranger looks through binoculars.
(c)Reinhard Thaller

Outdoor Laboratory
National Park

Research without borders

The largely natural development of National Parks means they are coveted research areas. This means that the range of scientific projects conducted here is large: ranging from long-term monitoring of ecosystems, through inventories of native flora and fauna, to the investigation of exciting ecological and social developments. Research is never an end in itself: insights gained serve to improve knowledge of the region and the performance of duties in accordance with conservation goals, statutory requirements and IUCN guideline.

A man sits on a rock and looks into the distance at mountains.
(c) Stefan Leitner

under one roof

Knowledge exchange

From endemic species research to bat surveys, from phytosociological examinations to greylag goose monitoring, from social and economics studies to environmental education publications:

The Austrian National Parks’ wealth of knowledge has been available on the metadata platform since 2014. As part of the Open Data Initiative, work was also carried out on an interface to, on which more than 1,300 entries are now available to download on nature and research subjects related to the National Parks. The range of content covers geodata, through to reports on glacier measurement projects and inventories, to progress reports of the National Park administrations.

A fish swims in the water
A microscope with a bug to look at.
(c)Sebastian Freiler
A man sits on a rock and looks into the distance at mountains.
(c) Stefan Leitner

Joint protection
on common ground

More research

As a key task of National Park and nature conservation, research constitutes an essential priority in the operations of large-scale protected areas.

National Parks Austria is therefore accelerating practice-oriented scientific projects to ensure the management and quality of protected areas. With our research guidelines we guarantee a coordinated procedure in line with shared objectives, cooperative development of scientific concepts, integration of young research talent, the public provision of data and understandable presentation of results.


(c)NPHT Rieder
Glacier measurement in the Hohe Tauern National Park
(c)NPHT Jurgeit

A Platform
for Research

Knowledge Exchange

With the research symposium organised since 2013, the umbrella organisation provides a forum for dialogue between science and practice, which overcomes boundaries of protected areas, subjects and countries. Created by the High Tauern National Park Salzburg in 1996, the symposium, which is held every four years, provides for fresh and exciting perspectives on our natural heritage. The associated conference transcripts make the results publicly available in the long term.


(c)NPHT Hainzer
Long-term monitoring in a meadow in the Hohe Tauern National Park
(c)NPHT Hainzer

New Minds
New Ideas

Wanted: Research Talents

Whether you are undertaking a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD project: The National Park administrations are open to new research projects and will be happy to support you with advice.

With the National Parks Austria Research Scholarships, we even have our own funding tool to encourage students to implement scientific projects in cooperation with the Austrian National Park administrations.

Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union.

Corporate partners:

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Scholarships & National Park Commitment

As a source of inspiration, research area and contact point for voluntary commitment, the Austrian National Parks establish various options to experience nature.

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