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National Park rangers know their protected area like the back of their hands. As nature and outdoor professionals, they know where the best place is to watch wild animals, which plants are in bloom at the time and where you can enjoy the finest view. If they are not busy accompanying guests and school groups, they provide area surveillance, monitoring and carry out additional duties in the context of the National Park idea.


More than 200 Rangers are currently employed in the Austrian National Parks.


Über 200 Rangerinnen und Ranger sind aktuell in österreichischen Nationalparks im Einsatz.


A Common Uniform demonstrates the unity of the Austrian National Parks.


National Park Rangers from all over Austria wave at the camera.
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Children and adults go after a National Park Ranger.

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National Park Rangers are hiking in Winter
(c)Stefan Leitner

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A national park ranger and a family are standing by a lake.
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National Park Workplace

A love of nature and passion for outdoor experiences unites all National Park rangers. They work primarily as freelance, seasonally active employees and so usually pursue their passion part-time. Only a few rangers are in fixed employment at National Park administrations all year round.

a National Park Ranger


Course as Certified National Park Ranger

With the development of a comprehensive and standard qualification concept, Austria took a leading role in Europe in matters of ranger training in 2010. Successfully completing the basic and advanced module is a precondition for becoming a National Park ranger. The trainings and courses are mainly held in German.

Children and adults go after a National Park Ranger.


United in Diversity

There are National Park rangers all around the world. However, areas of responsibility and operating areas vary significantly. The International Ranger Federation (IRF) ensures networking, exchange of information and gives the occupational group a strong international voice.

Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union.

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Our National Parks

Our parks are diverse, just like nature itself: profiles of the six National Parks in Austria

Our National Park Rangers

Employed in the service of nature: our National Park rangers are fervent ambassadors of nature and species conservation.

Scholarships & National Park Commitment

As a source of inspiration, research area and contact point for voluntary commitment, the Austrian National Parks establish various options to experience nature.

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