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Media Scholarship 2021

2021 is a special year for Austria's national parks: the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Heiligenblut Agreement and with it the political decision to establish the first national park in Austria. The common idea of letting nature be nature unites the six national parks today. On this occasion, the common elements are also brought into focus at the media scholarship on the topic of "Wilderness and Water".

For the seventh time, Nationalparks Austria was looking for adventurous talents who deal with our natural heritage in a creative and very personal way. From more than 160 applications, 13 talents were given the opportunity to develop creatively in one of the six Austrian national parks. The results open up exciting perspectives, new creative paths and, above all, many inspiring impressions of untouched nature.

Many thanks for the great and creative works!


Patrick Aprent

Thomas Voglreiter

Sophie Kuttner

Stefan Krenn


Valentin Blüml

Matthias Richard Ramsey

Chris Grodotzki

Jürgen Hofmann

Kai Kolodziej

Nadine Langensteiner


Jürgen-Thomas Ernst

Hannah Essing

Iris Feuchter

Tamara Imlinger

Michaela Maria Müller

Maria Schmittner


Media Scholarship 2021

Stefan Krenn

The cameraman and filmmaker from Vienna is fascinated and inspired by the colors, shapes, structures and behaviors of nature. His work is characterized by new perspectives through the use of special lenses and techniques. The documentary video he created in the Kalkalpen National Park fascinates with its audiovisual form.

Sophie Kuttner

The young filmmaker accompanied a person in the Donau-Auen National Park and wanted to capture through her recordings the inner peace that a person can achieve through nature. The person should visibly feel at ease in nature and become one with it.

(c)Maria Schmittner

Maria Schmittner

Maria Schmittner works in a library and, in addition to her professional activities, is always involved in small book projects. She also created a picture book for children between the ages of 4 and 7 to read aloud and read for themselves in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburg as part of her media fellowship.

Mit Max und Leni im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Salzburg [PDF]

Jürgen-Thomas Ernst

The author from Bregenz wanted to spend time developing the concept for the second part of his novel during his stay in the Gesäuse National Park. For him, nature is a retreat and a source of inspiration. In addition to his concept development, he wrote "At Night in the Mountains" for us.

Nachts in den Bergen [PDF]

(c)Hannah Essing

Hannah Essing

Hannah who works in PR Consulting wanted to use her creativity, knowledge and desire to realize an inspiring project in and about the Kalkalpen National Park. The readers should be given an insight into her head as well as into moments in nature that cannot be found in the big city.

Die Wildnis in dir [PDF]

Tamara Imlinger

The writer has developed a postcard / prose card format, which she uses in the area. In the process, short texts (miniatures) are created on that side of the postcard that is otherwise already designed with a photo. The texts are based on perceptions, encounters and confrontations in the Donau-Auen National Park.

Die bewegte Au [PDF]

Michaela Maria Müller

The german author has never been to the Thaya before and had set herself the goal to get to know it and the adjacent area better. She created a podcast during her time in the Thayatal National Park . The piece is about borders and globalization, about utopias and the hope that can be drawn from them.

Das Meer vergangener Tage

Valentin Blüml and Matthias Richard Ramsey

The zoologist and the artist had the common desire to share a scientifically trained view and to give it expression in visual and verbal form. In the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park they created their volume "Von Reiherraben und Rabenreihern". In it photography, text and drawing are combined.

Von Reiherraben und Rabenreihern [PDF]

Chris Grodotzki

The photographer wanted to approach the theme of "wilderness and water" both in documentary photography and with an accompanying essay. Together, the images and text were intended to reflect the confrontation with the wilderness surrounding him in the Thayatal National Park and connect it with the ideas of the American writer Henry David Thoreau.

Lucid Summer Dreaming [PDF]

Jürgen Hofmann and Iris Feuchter

The press copywriter and photographer have put together a "treasure booklet" consisting of 7 stories, a variety of pictures and illustrations about the Gesäuse National Park. The booklet contains a task for each story, which should motivate the readers to explore nature, but also teach them to treat it with respect. In addition, a short story was written in which lynx and eagle said "Good day" to each other.

Schatzbüchlein Gesäuse [PDF]

Luchs und Adler [PDF]


Nadine Langensteiner

The photographer wanted to capture the tension between the wilderness of a body of water and the surrounding nature on the one hand and the harmony of the moment on the other. In her photo series she summarized the most impressive images of her stay in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Tyrol.

Photo gallery [PDF]

Kai Kolodziej

For his photo series in the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, the student photographed most of the motifs in the water or creatures that are strongly adapted to the water habitat. Through split shots he provides insights into what can be seen simultaneously above and below the water.

Impressionen aus dem Nationalpark Neusiedler See - Seewinkel [PDF]

Patrick Aprent and Thomas Voglreiter

The two filmmakers hiked in the Gesäuse National Park in the footsteps of a 'forestry apprentice' who began his training as a forester in Gstatterboden in 1944 - namely Patrick's grandfather, Walter Aprent. He documented his impressions of the region in detail in a service diary. This served as the basis for the film, which deals with how the Gesäuse changed in its appearance, but also its significance over time.

in the nature


A large number of creative contributions have been collected in recent years through the media scholarship.

Through their works, the scholarship holders stimulate thought and invite a sometimes different view of our natural heritage.

That was the year 2020

(c)Manuel Gruber und Anna-Maria Seebacher

That was the year 2019

(C) Matthias Ledwinka

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