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Media Scholarship 2020

The Nationalparks Austria media scholarship was awarded for the sixth time this year. The search was on for young talents who deal with our natural heritage in a creative and intensive way. Project ideas around the topic of biodiversity in the fields of film, photography and literature were in demand.

Out of a flood of almost 100 applications, 13 talents prevailed with our expert jury. They had the opportunity to be inspired by the nature of the six Austrian national parks for two weeks.

The inspiration is now also reflected in the results of the media scholarship holders.

Thank you for your great and creative works!


Michael Bachhofer

Vanessa Graf

Hans-Werner Hamberger

Carla Milena Zamora Campos



Matthias Braudisch

Manuel Gruber

Bianca Hochenauer

Silvan Lamprecht

Anna-Maria Seebacher

Nadja Thaler



Sophie Dyk

Tabea Hertzog

Hannah Schragmann

Leonhard F. Seidl


Media Scholarship 2020

Hans-Werner Hamberger

In the National Park Thayatal the student created a film, which should give a good overview of the diversity and the nature of the area by combining landscape shots of the national park and shots of the many animal and plant species that live there.

Vanessa Graf and Carla Milena Zamora Campos

The media scientist and the project manager report on plant blindness and the sixth mass extinction. They want to draw attention to this very problem through their video. The created map "Alles Andere Als Alleine" will be available for visitors of the Kalkalpen National Park.

Silvan Lamprecht und Nadja Thaler

The self-employed contractor and the biology student love nature and wildlife photography. In the Gesäuse National Park, they have depicted nature and especially wildlife with an artistic component. The pictures are not only meant to fascinate, but also to show how much art there is in nature.

Photo gallery "Gseis" [PDF]

Bianca Hochenauer

The art educator wanted to bring the forest in the Donau-Auen National Park into visual focus. She wants to show it as untouched as possible, capturing its diversity, power and beauty in all its moods and color nuances. The result was wide and close images full of dense greenery.

Photo gallery "Donau-Auen" [PDF]

Manuel Gruber and Anna-Marie Seebacher

In their work, the two student teachers document the biodiversity of the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park with unique animal photos. For their project, birds were especially close to their hearts, as they decorate nature with their beautiful songs, magnificent plumage and individual traits.

"Expedition into the reeds" [PDF]

Matthias Braudisch

With his camera, the photographer wanted to capture motifs that capture and document the special features of the Hohe Tauern Tyrol National Park. Selected photos are to be realized as salt prints, as these are characterized by a special quality of sharpness and clarity.

Fotostrecke [PDF]

Cover "Die Wand reloaded"

Leonhard F. Seidl

The writer spent two weeks in a former hunting lodge in the Gesäuse National Park. His short story is a homage to the writer Marlene Haushofer on the occasion of her 100th birthday. In it, he also used passages from her book "The Wall", which he highlighted in italics.

Die Wand reloaded [PDF]

river and woods
(c)Tabea Hertzog

Tabea Hertzog

The german germanist realized in the National Park Thayatal that she would like to change her planned project idea, because the nature there offered her something different than expected. In her work "What we see" she writes about timelessness and her perceptions in nature.

Was wir sehen [PDF]

painting gams
(c)Hannah Schragmann

Hannah Schragmann

The german political scientist took a literary hike through the Kalkalpen National Park, trying to relate all the different species she encountered along the way to herself. The conclusion should be: Everyone has to go his own way, and yet this is no reason to be sad: "Because whoever learns to hear the world realizes that everything is connected."

Einklang im Vielklang [PDF]

Drawing with a person sitting on a boardwalk.
(c)Sophie Dyk

Sophie Dyk

The art therapist observes closely, discovers something and captures a detail or a landscape with a photo and then tries to resort to simpler, reduced forms and colors to make a watercolor drawing. The artist created a picture book in the National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel under the aspect of biodiversity.

Die Sinne wecken [PDF]

in the nature


A large number of creative contributions have been collected in recent years through the media scholarship.

Through their works, the scholarship holders stimulate thought and invite a sometimes different view of our natural heritage.

That was the year 2019

(C) Matthias Ledwinka

That was the year 2018

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