National Park for
Big & Small Guests

Off on an Adventure

From first steps to a challenging expedition: Range of family offers from the Austrian National Parks encourages a love of nature and creates memories for life.

Nature can be discovered in our protected areas in various different ways:

Workshops and family programmes provide insight into the world of the National Park all year round.

National Park centres offer special exhibitions and informational activities for children

Ranger tours explain the nature of the National Park in a way that is clear and age-appropriate

Adventure trails combine an enjoyment of nature with a playful learning experience

Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union.

Corporate partners:

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Our National Parks

Our parks are diverse, just like nature itself: profiles of the six National Parks in Austria

Our National Park Rangers

Employed in the service of nature: our National Park rangers are fervent ambassadors of nature and species conservation.

Scholarships & National Park Commitment

As a source of inspiration, research area and contact point for voluntary commitment, the Austrian National Parks establish various options to experience nature.

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