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From boat tours to several-day hikes, group excursions to the individual outdoor experience, a relaxed stroll to a challenging adventure: The range of experiences on offer at the Austrian National Parks provide a variety of opportunities to encounter untouched nature at eye level.

Hikers at Lake Pasterzen in the Hohe Tauern National Park.
(c)NPHT Steinthaler
A National Park Ranger stands with children in a meadow.
(c)Sebastian Freiler

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A women is sitting on a rock and there are mountains in the background
(c)Stefan Leitner

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A women with a backpack is standing in the forest
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A flower in the colour purple

Fair play in interaction
with our natural heritage

Let’s stay fair!

Unspoilt nature is becoming increasingly rare. National parks, in which the protection of flora and fauna is an absolute priority, therefore assume an important role. This is where nature can develop freely and undisturbed.

And yet despite this the national parks are not “no-go areas”: they actually invite guests to come and be a part of what they’re doing by taking in the beautiful surroundings and conducting research. However, well-organised cooperation and coexistence is required in order to avoid adversely affecting the natural development of the landscape and species conservation efforts. Only respectful and responsible handling of flora and fauna will guarantee that we are still be able to encounter natural wonders tomorrow.


A deer by the river

Let's stay fair!

Only respectful and responsible handling of flora and fauna will guarantee that we are still be able to encounter natural wonders tomorrow.

It’s as simple as making sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Plan your visit well (do not enter National Park areas before sunrise or after sunset)
  • Don’t let dogs run free
  • Don’t make too much noise
  • Maintain distance from wild and grazing animals (use binoculars)
  • Strictly observe marked routes and do not leave signposted paths
  • Don’t leave anything behind (pick up your rubbish and take it home)
  • Don’t take anything away with you (apart from fond memories) (do not pick flowers or collect mushrooms)
  • Only ride a bike on the marked paths
  • Don’t set up wild camps or light a fire (staying overnight and camping is only permitted on official campsites or bivouac areas)

Detailed information on the respectful handling of its natural resources can be found on the Austrian National Parks’ websites.


Natural trails in the national parks

In national parks nature is given space for its natural development. This is also the legal requirement. To make natural processes tangible for visitors, a special trail category has been introduced - the Natural Trail.
These paths are specially marked. For nature conservation reasons, interventions are limited to acute tree hazards only. Use at your own responsibility.

For the visitors, however, this also means that they must reckon with the hazards of a natural forest and their own behaviour in the forest has to be adapted to the given conditions.

A mighty old tree with a furrowed bark
(c) Holl

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Playful approaches, informative natural experience and sustainable lessons:

Nobody gets bored in the Austrian National Parks.

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Scholarships & National Park Commitment

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