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Where wilderness and humans meet, there are numerous opportunities to experience nature in a very special way. Whether as a source of inspiration or a field of research, as a place for volunteer work or daily compensation. In untouched nature, there is always something new to discover - especially if you take your time. 

With our scholarships we want to encourage young people to take a closer look at the natural space in the national parks. With their creative as well as scientific results, our scholarship holders provide unique insights and support the national park administrations in their important task.

A young man sits on a rock and writes something.
(c)Max Mauthner
Examination in water
A man photographs a tower at sunset.
(c)Sebastian Freiler
A man examines a wall
Two men photograph a mountain.
A man examines something on a mountain
(c)NPHT Jurgeit
A fish jumps out of the water

Focus on

Research Scholarship

For scientific research the six national parks and their regional surroundings offer a valuable resource. Here largely unaffected ecosystems, questions of experiencing nature, environmental education, regional development and many other research directions can be studied. 

The Austrian national parks are happy to hear from young researchers who would like to implement their bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis in the national parks. If you are interested in a cooperation, you can simply contact Nationalparks Austria.


Media Scholarship

Inspiration as far as the eye can see: The media scholarship gives young talents from the fields of literature, photography and video the chance to demonstrate their skills and creatively engage with untouched nature.

Two men photograph a mountain.
A marmot by a rock
(c)NPHT web

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Our National Parks

Our parks are diverse, just like nature itself: profiles of the six National Parks in Austria

Our National Park Rangers

Employed in the service of nature: our National Park rangers are fervent ambassadors of nature and species conservation.

Scholarships & National Park Commitment

As a source of inspiration, research area and contact point for voluntary commitment, the Austrian National Parks establish various options to experience nature.

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