Nothing touches us like the untouched. This is the motto of the new umbrella organisation campaign.

Our nature is taken for granted and to exceptional extent at that. The new advertising campaign of National Parks Austria should now raise awareness for the invaluable importance of our nature, as well as make Austrians aware of the fact that their national heritage is being preserved for future generations.
Thereby, the advertising for the National Parks Austria manages almost without any words and conveys a feeling that connects us to our unique natural heritage using striking images.

We Austrians have always been proud of our native landscape. So proud, in fact, that we have included it in the national anthem and tell stories of the clear mountain lakes, lush meadows and cherished forests abroad. This does not only include our "natural landscape”, but also our cultural landscape.
True, untouched nature is only preserved in our national parks. This untouched nature is actually quite moving. The new slogan of the campaign: "Nothing touches us like the untouched.” The addition "National Parks Austria - our natural heritage” not only highlights the importance of the national parks, but also simultaneously creates a feeling of "us” among Austrians.

The new campaign focuses on untouched nature and therefore the national parks. Its implementation with striking nature scenes forms a conscious countertype to the typical, hectic world of advertising and invites the viewer to discover something new at every glance with its clarity and calm.
The campaign shows the entire spectrum of natural Austrian landscapes worthy of protection and should predominantly reach Austrians on posters, in newspapers and magazines as well as on TV.