Protection of
our natural heritage

Our natural heritage

From the lowest point
to the highest peak

Six of Austrias most ecologically valuable regions have been declared national parks so far. From the lowest point to the highest peak, they preserve impressive natural landscapes and provide an important habitat for many animal and plant species. Here nature can still unfold undisturbed and be preserved for present and future generations.


On a total of 2,391 km² the Austrian national parks preserve important natural areas. This corresponds to about 3 % of the Austrian national territory.


The power lies in diversity - the national parks are characterised by their different types of landscape.


The development of the Austrian national parks began with the agreement of Heiligenblut in 1971. The youngest national park was founded in 2002.

Good to know

All Austrian national parks comply with IUCN category II and are recognized worldwide.

Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union.

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